Caterpillar Carrie Business Stage Services

Stage 1 – Caterpillar Carrie:

At your current business growth level you are likely in need of additional support so that you don’t have to deal with all aspects of building your business yourself,  thus freeing  you up to focus on the strategies and plan that will allow your business to attract more clients and generate more revenue.  This support can include a business consultant, virtual administrative assistant, business coach/mentor, and other specialists such as a web designer, copywriter.  A business Consultant can help your business evolve and emerge by evaluating, assessing, recommending, and implementing the necessary systems and strategies that will help your business attract more clients and revenue.

As your Business Consultant here is a list of what I can do for you:


  • Identify team needs based on current business goals and projects
  • Determine what type of specialist would be the best fit


  • Review current key systems and determine any additional systems needed to run a business, including customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery
  • Determine processes, tools and players for key systems within the business
  • Analyze metrics and discuss trends/patterns with business owner

Revenue Streams

  • Assess current revenue streams and pricing to look for outdated information or opportunities to refresh/relaunch such as:

o Books & workbooks
o Multimedia products
o Membership programs
o Virtual Events/Live Events
o Ezine
o Coaching Programs/Speaking Engagements

  • Assess and recommend any applicable tools or software for different revenue streams
  • Ensure customer service is in place to support each revenue stream
  • Ensure that systems are in place so that new clients get immediate access to their purchase


  • Review content, design, function on all websites and make recommendations
  • Assess marketing strategies and marketing funnel/s for effectiveness and any gaps and make recommendations:

o Affiliate (Joint Venture) Marketing
o Article Marketing
o Audio/Video Marketing
o Email Marketing
o Publicity & PR
o SEO & Pay per Click Marketing
o Social Media
o Speaking Engagements
o Traditional “offline” Marketing

Affiliate Program

  • Evaluate any affiliate programs

JV Partnerships

  • Discuss current and possible  JV partner projects

Free up the Business Owner

  • Assess where the business owner is spending their time and make recommendations
  • Set up a scheduling system for the business owner


Are you ready to explore partnering with me as your Business Consultant? If so, I invite you to connect with me for a free 30-minute assessment to discuss your specific business needs, and to see if we may be a fit for one another.


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