Caterpillar Carrie


Stage 1- Caterpillar:  This is a big change for the caterpillar from being just an egg.  As the caterpillar continues to grow it has an enormous appetite, and is hungry for more.


“Where are the Clients and the Money?”

Who Is Caterpillar Carrie?:

  • You have moved beyond the idea stage (egg) and you are in a start-up, building stage!
  • You are within the first few years of business!
  • Your business is generating up to $75,000/year!
  • You may still be working a JOB, but that’s changing!
  • You have a strong desire to build a successful business!
  • You have an enormous appetite for more clients, customers, bigger projects, and making more money!

Caterpillar Carrie’s Current Struggles Are:

  • Your business’s is not creating the revenue you desire which is causing some stress in your life!
  • You are working long hours, and trying to do it all yourself in order for your business to thrive!
  • You find there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done!

Caterpillar Carrie’s Pressing Needs Are:

  • To focus your energy and talents on evaluating and creating strategies to attract more ideal clients!
  • To create an action plan, and consistently implement it so you can quickly make more money!
  • To re-evaluate your offerings, and pricing so that your business is generating the revenue that it should be generating!
  • To hire a strategist (coach or mentor) to help you work through all the big picture decisions!
  • To hire a VA (virtual assistant) or other kind of specialist to help with specific projects whether it be assessing your website, creating a marketing plan, or taking various administrative tasks off your plate!

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