Butterfly Brenda

Stage 3-Butterfly:  This is the exciting, miraculous moment when the chrysalis breaks open and a beautiful butterfly emerges, unleashing its abundant beauty on the world!

“Wow……I made it, what now?”

Who Is Butterfly Brenda?:

  • You have a very successful business that is growing by leaps and bounds, but you’re wondering what happens now!
  • Your business is generating $150,000+/year revenue, and you are ready for bigger and better things to come as you strive to reach seven figures and beyond!
  • Your big vision is to create a legacy with your business that makes a positive difference in the world!

Butterfly Brenda’s Current Struggles Are:

  • Your business is running successfully, however unnecessary problems are occurring since you’re still doing daily activities that you aren’t passionate about, and that aren’t the best use of your special talents!
  • You have a team and some good systems in place, but internally your business structure is not at a level to handle the growth which could lead to horrendous consequences!
  • You know that in order to grow you will need to stretch yourself beyond your current comfort zone which can cause some anxiety!

Butterly Brenda’s Pressing Needs Are:

  • To discover and correct any gaps between your current business situation, and your future business goals!
  • To reduce your workload, and relinquish more control by removing yourself from the daily business activities in order to increase revenue!
  • To create additional systems, and make any needed internal changes.
  • To hire a qualified team of trusting professionals!
  • To remove yourself from the current income stream models that rely on you, and instead focus on the big picture growth goals, and strategies that will significantly increase your revenue and your business’s impact!
  • To hire a strategist (coach or mentor) to help you work through all the big picture decisions including needed mindset and organizational changes!

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