EvoMerja Name?


EvoMerja….What the heck does that mean?


You may be wondering what the heck does EvoMerja mean, or even how to pronounce it!  EvoMerja is pronounced Ĕ vō Mare zhah, and the name was created by combining the Portuguese translations for Evolve (Evoluir) and Emerge (Emerja).

I created EvoMerja Business Solutions from my desire to help mom entrepreneurs build successful online wellness businesses.  As business owners our businesses are constantly evolving and emerging.  As women we are constantly evolving and emerging.  As mothers we are constantly evolving and emerging.

A great metaphor in nature that represents a business, a woman, and a mother evolving and emerging is the metamorphosis, or the amazing transformation that a butterfly goes through where the egg evolves into a caterpillar, then the caterpillar begins to transform within the chrysalis, and finally the emergence of a beautiful butterfly!

Another great metaphor for a business evolving and emerging is the gears metaphor which represents the many working parts of a business that function together so that a business can evolve and emerge successfully.

Thus the butterfly with gears image has become synonymous with EvoMerja Business Solutions.

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